Larry Todd


Jeffery Todd

Founded in 1979, Todd Septic Tank Service has been a staple of the Bloomington community for over 35 years. Created from the ground up, the company has remained under a single family ownership since its inception.  Its original purpose was to serve the community of southern Monroe County’s Knightridge Kampground, then owned by the Todds.  However, as neighbors and friends began to hear of the new business, it quickly grew into its own.  Known for being fast, friendly, thorough, and affordable, Todd Septic Tank Service takes great pride in the satisfaction of their customers.

In the summer of 2009, Larry began transitioning the company into his son’s ownership.  A master’s graduate of Indiana University, Jeffery Todd has been an essential part of Todd Septic Tank Service for all of his life.  Most recently, he has helped to modernize the company’s business model by integrating new technology into the workplace and establishing a cohesive presence for the brand.  Following in his father’s footsteps, he works hard to make life easier for current customers while appealing to new ones as well.  When he isn’t in the office or on the job, he is also the founding member, songwriter, and frontman of the Bloomington based rock band Meadows Fortune.

In Loving Memory of Larry D. Todd  1946-2019